Happy Birthday Betty!!


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Today is a special birthday for a special lady.  The queen of Simply B Stamps.  So to wish her a special day we organized a blog hop in her honor.  Join us in wishing her an awesome birthday. There are many hops along the way, but fabulous cards to see.

Here is the card I made for her:

Betty 40th birthdayNext on the hop is Rhonda.

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Watercoloring with stamps


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Good Morning!

Today I would like to share with you a couple of cards that I made using Jennifer McGuire’s water coloring with stamps tutorial.

Well, I guess I do not have a picture of the other card I made with this technique.  Bummer, I forgot to take one before giving it away. It was done in blues and was a birthday card.

Altenew Persian Motif

I just love this stamp set.  You can find it here. And I love how the Pearl embossing powder sets off the whole image.  It is subtle in real life, but I messed about with the angle so that you could see it on camera.

As always Jazz and I appreciate your visit to our little blog.

Hope your week is fantastic!

Spice Market KISS card


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Hey gang,

Hope you all are enjoying this fabulous fall weather.  Here in Colorado it is absolutely gorgeous.  Mt Meeker and Pikes PeakHere is the view from my neck of the woods. Mt. Meeker at an elevation of 13,911 and Pikes Peak at 14,111.

But anyway…

I found this tutorial from Catherine Pooler.  If you have not checked her out, you should.  She hosts Stamp Nation.  It is an online group that has hundreds of card making tutorials that you can join for a small fee or just check out her blog as she has tons of stuff there too.

I loved how simple these were to make and how different they all looked simply by using different colors.

spice market colorsSpice Market blues

Thanks for looking!




Good or Bad?


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Just a quick little post to let you all know about a free digi stamp that Simply B Stamps is giving away.  You must use the image- dark colors for bad and brighter colors for the good and post your project on your blog.  That is it.  Easy Peasy.  Good or BadI couldn’t decide if I wanted to be good or bad so I went with both.  You can find her here on Simply B Stamps Facebook Fan page.  Come  over an join us there.  There are fantastic people, lovely images and good scrappy fun. Hurry there is a limited amount of time that she will be available for free.

Papers: the spookytime stack from DCWV

Copics: Bad: E 50,00,21,11,E04; V4,6,9,C10; C4,6,8  Good: E50,21,00, R 20; Rv10, E50,51,53; YR14,15,16

Web is C5 With Wink of Stella glitter and looks WAY better in real life.

Hope you are all well.

Jazz sends his love.


Happy Birthday Emily!


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So I thought we would  start with a Happy Birthday Blog Hop.  Remember yesterday when I said I was going to have the opportunity to meet some lovely ladies from Australia?  Well, one of those lasses is having a birthday today!

So here is a card I made for her.  I can’t wait to hand deliver it tomorrow.

Emilys card

Please join us on our hop to wish her a fabulous birthday here in the USA.

SBS The Simply Betty Blog will start us off.

Lisa N.
Lisa H.
Katya Bess
(our Tuesday Solo Colorist)
http://www.jazzydoodledesigns.com YOU ARE HERE

Talk to you soon!


WoW you are still here! Thank you!


Hello my fellow crafty friends!  I know it has been FOREVER since my last post.  I have had some personal issues that have kept me from blogging.  But Jazz and I are back and we hope to be blogging more regularly now.

So if you are reading this, it is because you have stuck with me. MWAH!  Thank you so much.  It really does mean a lot that you are here!

We have been making cards, zentangling and doing some art journaling.  I will try and get some post  up of the various artsy things we have been playing with.

I have set up a few posts for this week as I am going out of town to see my friend at Simply Betty Stamps.  It is a little retreat and a couple of girls are coming all the way from Australia to be with us so I am especially excited.

Jazz Jazzy sends his love

Talk to you all soon!!!!


I Won!

Hey guys! How is everybody?  Well, I am embarrassed that this blog is so long in coming.  About two weeks ago I received this FABULOUS card and the matching rubber stamp in the mail.

How did I win it?  Well, I am glad you asked.  Zoe at Make it Crafty had a little contest where you had to submit your favorite stamp image from Make it Crafty and if chosen, she would color it and then send you the card.  I entered and thought nothing of it.  But then I WON!! Oh my gosh, I was beside myself.  I was doing a serious happy dance when I found out.  So without further ado, here she is.

zoe's AnastasiaIS SHE NOT FABULOUS?!    It is even better in person.  Zoe is so talented.  The amount of detail is jaw dropping. I think I am going to have this framed and hung in my office.

So if you haven’t heard of Make it Crafty, run, don’t walk to this link and check her out.  She has such fun characters and awesome backgrounds from romantic to whimsical to steampunk to play with.  I love the little houses that she does. She also puts out a great newsletter with loads of tutorials and inspirations.

Thank you Zoe!  You made my day!

As a side note, the doggers are slowly but surely starting to bond.  Jazzy thanks you all for your support.

Hugs Wendy and the mutts

Copic, stencil, inkpad and dauber storage


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Hello Everybody!

Wow! I have been MIA these last few weeks.  We have been busy, busy around here.  Beryl, my daughter in law moved in with us until my son gets out of the Marine Corps in July. So I flew down to Arizona to help her make the 18 hour drive back.  She brought with her their two-year old puppy Levi.  Now he is a cutie and very sweet, but he is a puppy used to playing with big dogs.  Jazz on the other hand is 9 and used to being a very spoiled only child.  So, needless to say, he is a little put out by our new addition.  Poor baby LOL.  Here is Levi.Levi

But on to my new storage solutions.  I was in need of some more storage- there is just too many cool things out there, I must have them all !!! sigh…anyway I saw on YouTube where you can make your own storage out of foam board, so I thought for a few bucks what is the worst that can happen?

So I started with an ink pad holder.  It was pretty easy though I will say it is very difficult to make all the cuts super even like they should be to fit together properly.  In the end, my wonderful husband re-cut my cuts with a table saw to make them line up and then it went together beautifully.  This is a super cheap project that works fabulously, but it does take time and patience. Please do not look to closely at the upper left corner LOL, oops!

empty ink pad storage Filled ink pad storage To the right of the ink pad storage is a photo box that I bought at Michaels for $2.00 and I put foam board in it to make six cubbies for my paint daubers. It is not completely finished as I was short one piece of foam.

Next, feeling all kinds of proud of myself I decided I wanted to make something to hold all my copic refills.  So, I skipped the part where I make all the crooked cuts and went straight to my man to ask him to cut my sections with the table saw.  Happily he agreed and this project only took about 30 minutes.

copic refill storageNow I still had some foam board left over so I made three stencil boxes to hold my stencils.  I wanted them divided by size to make the stencils easier to find.  I definitely prefer to have them out and easy to get to when I am art journaling.  The boxes were a breeze.  I did use heating duct tape to make them so I covered that up with pretty washi tape.

stencil boxes togetherstencil boxes apartI couldn’t be more pleased with how everything came out.  Unless you really look, you would think they are the same wood as the rest of my room.

Couple of tips if you want to make these.  The dollar store has foam board and I used it for the copic storage.  It is not quite as white as the board I got at Hobby Lobby.  It also has more of a paper finish.  The Hobby Lobby board is slicker and whiter.  I liked both, it is just something to be aware of.

Use I new blade in your box cutter. It really makes a difference.

Hot glue worked fabulous when doing the small pieces such as the stencil boxes but it dried too fast for me to use for the long pieces.  I tried just a crafty glue and while it worked, I didn’t feel it was strong enough to hold up in the long run and I ended up using the heating duct tape.  This worked well.

Before you make your cuts. Make sure it looks right on the project itself. Measuring is great but if you get off anywhere, even a little, it makes it had to mesh the two cut out pieces together.  I hope that this makes sense.

I wish I would have video taped this project for you so that you could have had a good laugh, but alas you must settle for the videos that were my inspiration.  I gleaned valuable information from them both and kinda used techniques from both as well.

Leslie Bockenstette  


All in all I think a used about 7 or 8 foam boards and I have a little left over. I used about 2/3rd of the small roll of Heating duct tape. So in the end I spent just under $20.00 for everything.

Thanks for popping in.

Wendy and Jazz

Happy Birthday Rio!


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Today is Simply Betty’s daughter Rio.  She will be sweet 16 today.  So we all mailed her a card with an image drawn especially for her.  The image was drawn by Abigail Larson. She will receive them all today.  I am sure she will be surprised.  Rio, I hope this is the best birthday ever!!!

Please join me on the hop to see what all the talented ladies have done with the image.

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Cupid Elisabete


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Ok Here is the final card in this series.  Cupid Elisabete.  I had so much fun with these images.  Once again you can find them here.

Cupid ElisabeteThe papers are also from Recollections Valentine.  Amy R sentiment.  Spellbinder deckled rectangles. Distressed Ink Weathered Wood. deconstructing sketch for inspiration. Copics: E50,21,00; C3,5,7,9, B26; B000, R20, R27,R29

Well,  That is it for now.  I have been doing some art journaling.  Maybe I will post a few for you to see. I don’t know, I am still learning.

Jazzy sends his love.