Jazzydoodle Designs

I am a two year old Morkie: Half Maltese and half Yorkie. Mom says I’m spoiled, but don’t you believe it. I earn every pet and treat I get…it’s hard work being this cute. Not only that, I keep Mom and Dad warm at night and the squirrels and bunnies out of the yard. I am glad Mom finally has this site because she is always bugging me to craft with her. She doesn’t understand that the glitter and the adhesive get on my paws. I am not a girlie girl.

As for Mom, she is a mother of two awesome, grown boys, a grandma to two sweet boys, and a wife to the man of her dreams. She spends any available time coloring, crafting and giving me belly rubs. Way too much time on the first two and not enough on the last one if you ask me.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

You can also find us on you tube at Jazzydoodledesigns.