how to buy paper for adult coloring pages. Want to buy Neenah but don’t know which one to buy? In Wind Down Wednesday, episode 13, we discuss all the important terminology so you can buy paper with confidence. I will will show paper and let you see the differences. My goal is not to say buy “this” paper, but to show you how to know what you are looking at so you can determine if it is the right paper for you.

Here are some helpful terms when looking at paper.

It is important to understand that paper types will influence paper weight in pounds so 80 lb in cover is different than 80 lb in text. The chart below comes from https://finecardstock.com/topic/cardstock-weight-guide/ They explain in much more detail.

So why does that matter?

Because you will see people post ” use 110 LB paper” This is fine but 110 lb cover stock is 298 gsm and 110 Lb Index is only 200 gsm and 110 lb bristol is 244 gsm So if you bought 110 lb paper of each of these types you would end up with three papers that were of varying thicknesses.

So to even things out gsm is the preferred way to judge papers thickness.

Look at the chart below I got it from https://www.strathmoreartist.com/faq-full/paper-weight-what-does-it-mean.You can see that 500 series paper is thicker when viewed in gsm but if you just compare pounds it looks the same as 400 series paper. The difference is in the size of the paper being weighed. Gsm compares apples to apples so to speak.

I go into more explanation in the video and compare several papers for you as wll. But if you just want suggestions. Here are mine:

I am an amazon affiliate, if you use my link it will not cost you anymore than the original price but my channel will make a small commission. I appreciate the support.

Ones I have used:

  • Springhill Bristol Vellum https://amzn.to/3CpvCYm
  • Neenah smooth 80# https://amzn.to/3NpKv3q
  • Neenah Smooth 110# https://amzn.to/42FWJsS
  • Toned Tan https://amzn.to/441vElf
  • Toned Grey https://amzn.to/45YMjYr

Ones I haven’t but have should be great:

  • Neenah Bristol Vellum https://amzn.to/3CxSchv
  • Springhill 90# Smooth https://amzn.to/45ZzpJD

Hope this helps! Happy Coloring!

Wendy and Ellie