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Episode 7 How to Shade and Highlight and image in Adult Coloring Books

Use my light source tool and shading is made easy in adult coloring books. I show you how to make the tool, how to use the tool for easy shading in adult coloring books. I cover alternate shading colors, and we will color two projects using the tool and I talk you through, step by step to show you where to do your shading and highlighting.

I hope to see you there. Click on the link below to go to my Youtube channel and make your own light source tool.

On a personal note, we headed over to last Thursday to Pueblo Reservoir for some much needed R and R. The weather was gorgeous and much fun was had by all.

Ellie was all set in her shark life vest for her first boat outing. She did very well. She only fell in twice. Once on the maiden voyage when she tried to jump to shore to soon and once defending us from a very scary floating log. LOL She did well in the water, though we scooped her out quickly as it is still too cold for swimming.

Here she is at home completely tuckered out. So much that we put her bunny in her paws and she didn’t even move.

And here are my favorite two boys. (Don’t tell my kids I said that) They are getting so big. Jackson is so good to his brother Macallan. I can’t wait to see them again!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the warmer weather.

Wendy and Ellie