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Kimberly has been such a great supporter of the channel. She is always encouraging. She watches all the videos, likes the videos and comments, She also interacts on facebook and talks about the channel on social media. So I asked Kimberly to select a page to color and choose the pencils she would like me to use in a color along. She chose this page. I hope she is happy with how it turned out.

  • chartruese
  • light green
  • dark green
  • apple green
  • black
  • dioxazine purple hue
  • imperial violet
  • violet
  • parma violet
  • true green
  • light aqua
  • non photo blue
  • cobalt blue
  • indathrone blue
  • true blue
  • violet blue
  • dahlia purple
  • lavender
  • deco pink
  • canary yellow
  • hot pink
  • peach beige
  • sepia
  • light umber
  • 10 % french grey

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Wendy and Ellie