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Lets take a look at the pages I have colored since my January Completed page video.

I have pages by Rita Berman, Kerby Rosanes, Kanoko Egusa, Creative Haven, Matchstick Mouse, Posh’s Disney book, and Mythographia.

I hope you join me as I look back on pages that I have done color alongs on as well as a few I haven’t.

Hope to see you there!

I will only post the images I haven’t posted to the blog.

I colored these from Thomas Kinkade’s Disney book. I like that they show you a colored image. I then try to duplicate it. I struggled with the dark values. But looking at these without the reference photos they look alright. Prisma, Arrtx and SouColor colored pencils.

This one is from Home Sweet Home by Creative Haven- It is a Teresa Goodridge book. I love her stuff. This one came out pretty bright. Cue the circus music… Colored with Arrtx colored pencils

The last one is from Kerby Rosane’s Alien World. I used NeoColor 2’s and Black Widow colored pencils. I applied Nuvo Clear gloss from their Aqua Shimmer line on the wings. I also used Sparkle Pop Silver gel pen around them. I had MANY mishaps on this page. I used too much water and not enough neo color 2. I tried to use a baby wipe to blend when there was not enough pigment down. I dripped the nuvo glimmer on the page and had to wipe it up. I filmed it all so I could do a color along but I feel it would be a what not to do video LOL So instead here is the finished page alone. I probably will use parts of the video to explain what not to do, then show how to do it.

Anyway I do explain in the video so be sure to check it out, I appreciate you all!

Wendy and Ellie