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Episode 4- Neo Color 1 and 2

Should you use Neo Colors in Adult Coloring Books?

I discuss Neo Color 1 vs Neo Color 2, pricing and characteristics and how to apply them. I do tests on opacity, blending, how they work with colored pencils, and how they work if the paper is sealed. I also look at how it affects the paper both with and without a primer. I show how to use these with other media to protect the paper without using a primer/sealant. I show a completed project as well at the end.

Here is the image I colored with Neo Color 2 only. (well a bit of paint pen for the highlights) I really enjoy neo color 2’s. In the video I show how I have had my neo color 2s for years (like over 10) and have used less than 1/2 inch of the crayon. So while they are pricy. They will last you a very long time.

They are also a very fast medium to work with.

Here is the link to the YouTube video.