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Adult Coloring Reference Guide Series

Remember the smell of crayons? Who doesn’t ? It brings back happy memories for most people. Images of ourselves at a young age applying color to our page with abandon. And later, trying to stay within the lines. But it is not just for kids anymore.

Adult coloring is becoming very popular. Everyday, more and more people are discovering the healing and nurturing benefits to Adult Coloring. Coloring provides relaxation and a creative outlet to even the most artistically challenged.

It is easy to start. This video along with the others in the series, will get you on your way. Don’t wait! Start today!

  • Are you new to adult coloring?
  • Do you wonder where to begin?
  • Have you colored some pages, but still don’t know what all the different types of supplies are, where to find them or how to use them?
  • Do you like to learn about different art supplies?
  • Do you like to collect art supplies?
  • Do you like to drink wine?

If you answered yes to any of these, this series may be for you.

Welcome to my free weekly series where we will explore the wonderful world of coloring with emphasis on colored pencils! My comprehensive video series is designed to help both beginners and advanced colorists learn the basics, as well as more advanced techniques. We will explore terminology, art mediums, and colored pencil brands. As well as tips and techniques using other product to help us along the way. Designed specifically for all levels of colorists, my engaging and easy to follow videos will provide tips and techniques to help you make the most out of your coloring experience. Whether you’re looking to expand your skills or simply want to relax and unwind, my series is the perfect resource for any coloring enthusiast. So grab your favorite drink and let’s get started on this colorful adventure!

First up is what to color. We discuss coloring pages, coloring books the pros and cons of each as well as where to find them.

Grab your drink and Click on the link below to take you to my YouTube video to begin your journey into Adult Coloring!

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!

Wendy and Ellie