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For those that watched my how I organize my colored pencils videos, this one is for you. Many of you have asked for my color swatch charts using my system. While they are here on the blog, I wanted somewhere that was easy to access without a lot of steps. So you can now find them on my Ko-fi shop. Ko-fi is a website that is similar to patreon that allow people access to content from creators, I chose this site because I can offer my downloads for free. I can also grow with it and possibly offer tier memberships in the future. I want to share my journey and love for art so I am torn on the idea of memberships and things that cost money to access. That said, it costs money to provide content, buy images and art supplies. So Ko-fi his seems to be a good compromise. Those that wish to support my channel can, and those that cannot afford to can still have access.

Also available is, at the time of this writing, a six page Coloring Terminology Reference guide I put together it may grown in size in the future. I see many questions in Facebook groups asking about products, so I thought I would put many of the answers in one place. While it is not an in-depth explanation of these things, it does cover the basics. I will be doing videos on all of these so that we can dive deeper. But sometimes you just need a quick reference to remind you is it NeoColor 1 or 2 that is water soluble.

This guide is free for the first 50 people to download and then will offered for $3.00 on the site.

I am including the links to the YouTube videos where I go into more explanation. In the guide video you can see all six pages.

If you would like the downloads, visit me at Ko-fi.com/Jazzydoodledesigns. Click on shop, there you will find all of the different brands of coloring swatch charts as well as the Reference Guide. Just enter 0 if you wish to get them for free.

I hope you are all having a great day! As aways, I appreciate you visiting me!