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Color along with me in Kerby Rosanes Worlds Within Worlds. I use Prismacolor Colored pencils to bring this Octopus to life. I have real time coloring on my youtube channel so you can color with me step by step. Links are below.

Move the arrows to see the before and after.

Prismacolors used:


Dark Brown 946

Terra Cotta 944

Pale Vermillion 921

Orange 918

Yellowed Orange 1002

Sunburst Yellow 917

Deco Yellow 1011

Hut Tops

Cobalt Turquoise 105

Aquamarine 905

Light Aqua 992

Light Green 920

Hut Bottoms

Sienna Brown 945

Sand 940

Dark Brown 946

Goldenrod 1034


Crafts Mart Black acrylic paint

Golden Liquid Satin Glazing Liquid

Posca White Pen

Click below to take you to my youtube channel.

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Wendy and Ellie