I Can’t believe it has been so long. My how time flies! I hope you are all doing well.

Much has changed in the last few years.

Unfortunately Jazz went to the big dog park in the sky in July of 2020. It was such a devastating loss. I am tearing up just posting this. I know many of you loved him as well. He lived almost 16 years and gave us a very good life. He sure did like posting here and hanging out with you guys!

It took a year and a half before we were ready to have another dogger in our lives. But in January 2022, we got Miss Ellie.

Let me tell you, she is a sassy lassie! I think I forgot what it was like having a puppy! OMG, for the first couple of months I was like “What have I done?!”

here we are, a year in, and she has settled down into really good dogger. She gives me a lot of joy.

Say Hello to Miss Ellie!

She often “helps” me color

Here she is “just chillin'” Believe me, it is a rare thing.

So what else is new? My son married a lovely lady who has a son from a previous marriage. Thus making me a grandma! YAY. He is an awesome young man. And if that is not cool enough, they are expecting a baby boy here in the next two weeks! Grandma 2.0! I can’t wait!

What else?

I now have a You Tube Channel! I am very excited about this. It will focus mainly on all things coloring and related topics. Tutorials, color alongs, flip throughs of coloring books, etc. Stamped images, etc.

I only have two videos up so far but more will be coming soon. I hope to see you there.

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So tell me friends, what is new with you? Please drop a comment below. I have thought of you often and truly missed hearing from you.

Thank you as always for visiting.

Wendy and Ellie