Hello all my crafty friends.  Just a short blog to ask for your prayers.  There has been extensive flooding here in my hometown and around the state.  Thank the Lord we live on higher ground so I personally am safe.  However my husband’s 96-year-old grandfather had to be evacuated by the National Guard and his 90-year-old grandmother was helicoptered out yesterday.  She is currently at our home.  There are no roads to her home, they are all washed out.  Unfortunately I don’t think she realizes that she won’t be able to go home for a while. It is all so sad.  I posted a picture below of a good friend of ours’ home.  The water was so strong it actually tore off his garage.  It is the part near the trailer. It is actually gone now.

barts house road washed out

The worst part is that it is still raining.  HARD.  We have gotten over 14 inches of rain in the last 5 days and they are calling for 1-4 inches to fall today.

Here is a link to some footage from Longmont

I will try to post a couple of cards that I have finished, but I may not be blogging as much for a while.

you tube video of my town

Please keep our state in your prayers as there are still people who need evacuated and people still unaccounted for.


Wendy and Jazz