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Motion Tutorial Zlatoena captain bunnyclose up of captain bunnyThis is a tutorial that will give you the effect of motion in your cards.  If you have a rubber stamp, you can simply stamp, reposition, stamp, reposition and stamp again without reinking your stamp and Voila!  However, if you have a digi stamp you want to use, it can be a little more difficult and I was stumped as to how to achieve the same effect.  I do not have photoshop so I wanted to use Microsoft Word. So I asked my facebook friends at SimplyBstamps and googled my butt off and this is what I came up with.  If you have a better way, please feel free to let me know and I will do an update as I am NO EXPERT.  So here goes:

First select you image and insert it into your word document three times. I am using a cute bunny captain image from a gal I found on etsy.  The name she goes by is Zlatoena.  Check her out she has some awesome images.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then you want to be able to move them so you will select the image and right click on it.  You will then click on Wrap text and choose square.  This will free you image and you can now move it anywhere on the page.  Do this for all three images.

wrap text-square

Next you want to make all of your images the same size and a workable size so click on format picture up at the top and on the right hand side you will see horizontal and vertical sizes.  Type in the size that you want.  I choose 3.25 for the largest size, which is the horizontal one (changed 6 to 3.25).  It automatically reduces the other side proportionately.resizeNext I decided to lighten two of the images.  Select one of the three pictures and click on picture format and on the left hand side you see Colors and a triangle- the triangle is a drop down menu.  Click on itcolorThis is what you will see:recolor optionsFor my middle image, I selected the one that is on the bottom left- tan.  This is what my images look like now- one original and one lighter.  tan imageFor the third and lightest image you do the same thing. Select your image, click on picture format, select drop down color image but this time I selected washout.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is what they look like now:three altered imagesSo now you move them in a row but as you can see the top image is covering the other images.blocked imagesIf you select the middle one and right click.  You can send image to the back. Do this again for the lightest image as well.send to the backThis is what it looks like now:sent backNow the main image is showing everything but it is covering up the back images.  So to fix this we will need to alter the two darkest images.  Click on the darkest image and click on format picture and to the far left you will see remove background.  Click on it.remove backgroundThis is what it may look like:remove background screen shotThe only thing that will remain if we “remove the background” is the little piece of white that you see.  To fix that sometimes if you simply pull the small white square on the sides toward the image it will color some of the image white.  But this image did not so I had to do it manually. Up at the top on the right you will see mark areas to keep.  Click on this.  Now when you click on an area in your image it will turn it white.  If you click on two points and draw a line in between them it will turn large sections white.  Do this till all things you want are white.areas to keepOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsee how I drew a line between points and the whole ear became white. click on areas to keepWhen you have it the way you want it click on the keep changes.  Now the “white square background” will be gone.keep changesDo this for the middle image as well and this is how it will look:all three doneNow you can move these around until you like the composition.  I actually decided that I liked the lighter ones in front so I changed it.  Now I want to “group” these so that they will move as one image.  So you select an image and hold down the control key and select the other two images so it should look like this:

all selected for groupingNow right click and select group.GroupedNow it should look like this:image of the groupNow this image was larger than I wanted so I selected the image and clicked on Picture format at the top.  To the far side is the same horizontal and vertical sizing.  But if you put in the size now it will only adjust that side- it will not do the other side proportionately.  So you must click on the small size spot below the numbers to alter the image.  This is also true if you try to resize by the corners.  resize final imageNow that you clicked on the size button you will get this screen:lock aspect ratioClick on the Lock ratio aspect button.  Then you can put in the size that you would like and it will adjust the other side automatically.

You are now ready to move this image to where you want it, print it up and color away.

There is a great tutorial on how to color the image to produce the illusion of motion.  Her name is Ruby Montes and she was a guest designer for Simply Challenged Challenges on Dec 4.  Her card and tutorial are awesome.  Here is a link to her tutorial for coloring.

Hope this helps and is not confusing.  If you have questions you can contact me and I would be happy to help or clear up something (if I can).

Thanks for looking