Well Helllooo!

I know that I am way behind on my blog posts.  Partially because I have been busy, but also because  I have been in a slump.  BUT… I have shifted gears and have dove head first into card making again.

But before I start posting the cards, I would like to share a couple of things from my trip to visit my son and his lovely lady and my adorable grand dog. Then, starting tomorrow, I will begin posting some Christmas cards.

We had a great time.  We mainly just hung out and enjoyed each others company but we did volunteer at the Food Bank and even did some crafting.  It was over Halloween so we did some decorating of the apartment stairwells in hopes of letting the kids know we had treats for them.  But alas, not one trick or treater. 🙁  Below are some pictures of the trip.  The first photo is of a Harrier jet that bears my son’s name.  Cool huh.  Then the cute Mr. Socks (Don’t tell Jazz, but I think he is pretty cute!); the pumpkins we carved; some masks that the kids made; yummy cupcakes; Snow White Beryl and Mr. Socks; the stairwell and some chocolate yummies Miss Beryl made.  I miss them already!

Thanks for letting me share.

See you soon,

Wendy and Jazz