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Happy Monday All.

Our local Polymer clay guild had our 1st Annual retreat.  It was two days of claying, playing, eating, learning and fun.  We are a fairly new guild, but we are growing all the time.

Here are some of the beads that I worked on while there.  These were made from a cane I made from Sarah Shriver’s Big Bead Kaleidoscope cane workshop last year.

These are just some beads I made for fun.  The one on the left was a joint effort by my friend Laura Schiller and myself.

I am pretty pleased with this one.  It is two sided and completely hollow- so though it looks big, and it is (1 3/4 inches,) it is very light.

I like how this one turned out as well.

I have no idea how I am going to turn these into jewelry- that is the part I don’t really enjoy.

Oh one more photo- this is the bead I made at the Sarah Shriver workshop mentioned above.  I donated it to our polymer clay guild auction to raise money for new library materials.  It went for over 40.00 dollars.  I was shocked! and more than a little flattered.

This one was probably 3 1/2 inches long but made from sculpey ultra light.  It is also very lightweight.Sorry for the photo heavy blog and as always thanks for looking.

Jazz sends his regards