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Well Helllloooo again my litlle bloggy friends.  I have missed you.  Jazz and I have been super busy with polymer clay.  Everyday I mean to sit down and blog but I start messing with the clay and next thing you know it’s bedtime.

But over the next couple of days I do have some fun things to show you.

Today I am going to post a few fun beads that I made using scrap clay and my extruder.These are called Jupiter bead and you use scrap clay and dry scrap clay to make them.  My clay ended up not being very dried out so I didn’t quite get the look I was going for, (if you see the parts that have a ragged type of look to it, dry clay is creating that and I hoped for a little more of it) but I think that they are fun anyhow.

These three were done the same way but with dried pearl clay.  They are prettier in person, I promise!

Tomorrow I will post a cane I build using Jana Roberts-Benzon’s arabesque caning technique.  She is really amazing. Click on her name and check out her AWESOME stuff.  I just took a  laser cut workshop from her and will post the pendant I made later in the week.  As well as some of her fabulous stuff for some yummy eye candy!

That’s it for today.  Jazzy says he hopes you have a two bone weekend!!

Wendy and Jazz