Hey my fellow crafty pals,  I’m back.  Some of you are probably thinking..hmm, I didn’t realize you’d been gone. LOL

Wow what a great  couple of weeks.  Nathan made it back to the states safely and it has been non-stop since. I went to the lake with my long-lost uncle and his family, met my future daughter in law Beryl, (aren’t they a lovely couple) had an engagement party, built a fence (I did help a little), celebrated my husband’s grandfather’s 95th birthday, ate too much, drank too much, stayed up too late and in general had a blast.  I even managed to do a few crafty things.  My camera was refusing to focus so I had to buy a new one so you should be seeing some new posts this week.

Ok so now on to the coasters I made.  I wanted a project for Beryl and I that we could do together, but that was easy too.  It didn’t work out the way I’d like for us to craft together but she made some lovely coasters and since the camera was broken, I didn’t get any pictures of hers. 🙁  Here are the ones I made:

I bought the Travertine tiles at the home improvement store.  They run about .49 cents each.  I used staz-on ink to stamp the images.  I did not seal these with anything.  The thing I like about travertine tiles is that they absorb some of the moisture from your drink.  These were fun.  I think I will make some more.  I also bought some cheaper tiles that I am going to modge-podge some scrapbook paper to the top and seal with Modge-podge.  Guess I better get busy.

Good to be back.


p.s. Jazzy says hello and that he is happy to be back – now he can catch up on some much needed sleep.