Well Hello Again…

Sorry I haven’t been posting.  My son is in town.  He is back from Japan and will be here a couple of weeks. WhooHoo!  So I have been busy hanging out with him.  We spent a couple of days at the Lake with my Uncle Pete and his family last weekend and next week I will get to meet his girlfriend.  I am looking forward to that as she seems like a great gal.

But any who…

My polymer clay guild is doing a magnet swap and I finally made mine.  This is really not my typical style but they are fun.  Hope you like them.  I got the idea from a website I saw where they had used a real zipper head and black and white for the teeth.  I looked through my pinterest but I guess I didn’t pin it to my board. Sorry.  I hate not giving credit for inspiration.


I am doing a couple more projects so I hope to have some posts for you soon.

Jazzy is doing great though he didn’t get much rest at the lake so he’s been making up for it here at home. 🙂

Thanks for looking.

Wendy and Jazz