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Well HELLO!!!    Happy Friday!!!!!  WOO HOO!

Today I am posting the kaleidoscope canes that I made using a tutorial by my good friend Laura Schiller.  She is a fabulous egg artist as well as polymer clay artist and overall swell gal.  She has been doing polymer clay creations as well as egg art for many years.  She has been featured many times in the  polymer clay magazines.  AND in 2009 her egg was actually selected to be hung on the White House Christmas tree. Here it is Which you can and should check out here.  But she recently released a tutorial on how to make a kaleidoscope cane and I used it to make these:

I had tons of fun making these.  If you are interested in making kaleidoscope canes with polymer clay I highly recommend these.  They are only $10.00!! You can find them on her blog Lauraseggs.com.

Thanks for poppin’ in.  I am off to make more polymer clay schtuff!

Wendy and Jazzy