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Hello fellow crafters!

I have been getting some requests for pictures of my scrap booking room and I finally am getting around to it. I didn’t want to overload you with a bunch of large photos so I created a gallery.  If you click on the images below they will get larger. There are descriptions below the gallery.

I am going to be away from my computer til the 18th. If you have any questions or comments please do leave them and I will get back to you on the 18th.  I would LOVE to hear from you.

  1. Picture of the room looking in from the doorway. The picture on the wall of the flower was done by my youngest son and the art below my ribbons was done by my older son.
  2. Closer picture of my patterned papers and cuttlebug spot.
  3. This is a custom made desk by my sweetie.  He used the michaels storage cubes for the bases and made the table top so that you can make it tilt like a drafting table or have it level. LOVE this as you don’t strain your neck when doing detailed projects.  I have it at standing height with a chair that adjusts so I can sit as well.
  4. This photo show my cardstock storage by color to the left.  On the top shelves are binders with my stickers divided by theme- Black letters, white letters, flourishes, travel, outdoors etc.  On the second shelf is specialty paper in vertical folders and my stamps in plastic cases. On the right I have small dividers for bling, frames, paper corners, buttons and the like.
  5. This picture show how I store my spellbinders dies.  They are magnetic folder by Quickutz.  I bought mine at hobby lobby with a coupon.  Picture 11 is the folder open.  sorry that they aren’t side by side.
  6. This picture shows my photo box of 6 x 6 patterned papers and12 x 12 patterned paper below it.
  7. This how I store my Memento Dew Drop Inks.  I made this out of cardboard after watching this video.  I just adjusted for a plastic container I had.  I keep this in the top left hand drawer of my desk because I use them alot.
  8. This is how I store my cut paper.  When I cut a piece of paper if it is over quarter of a sheet then I store it in this file folder.  (you know the ones that have the months or alphabets on them) I put them by color-patterned paper in the front an then solid cardstock in the back also by color.  I then go to this first when making a card.  I keep it at my feet at the front of my desk.
  9. This is how I store my scraps.  I put them in gallon ziplocks by color.  I store these in the same shelf as the color of cardstock.  So this one sits on top of the green cardstock. I go here first when I need a scrap of green.  These two things have really helped me use up scraps.
  10. Inside of the magnetic folders holding my Spellbinder dies- see #5.
  11. This is how I store my stamps.  I unmounted them and I store them on either the plastic they came on or the plastic you use to laminate paper with.  I was stamping the image on the laminate paper with stazon and then I know where they belong, but not all are done this way.  Kinda ran out of time.  The laminate/plastic sheet are stored in plastic cases I got from Univenture/unikeep.  (The ones I bought were on clearance as they discontinued the type I have but these are very close.  Not super cheap but they store quite a few per case.)  I have a “stamp guide” -that way whenever I get a stamp, I stamp it in the guide and put a number beside it so I know exactly which box it is in.  Took a while to get done, but so worth it!!
  12. Small punch storage in a hanging travel storage bag.
  13. This is how I store my cuttlebug embossing folders.  Just a cheap photo box.  They all stand up nicely in there.  I also emboss a plain piece of cardstock and keep it inside it.  Easier to see the design and to see if you want it on the card you are making.  The dies are to the left side and the packaging from my spellbinders dies is there if I need to refer back to it.
  14. This is my high tech card display.  I tied ribbon to nails and strung them up.  I like seeing my creations.  I rotate them out as I make more.
  15. These are old cassette tape storage racks that I use for my ribbon.  So pretty.
  16. This is a fishing tackle box I use for brads.  I have two of them.  Love them.
  17. This is my inky wall.  The top piece is another cassette tape holder I spray painted white.  It holds all the distress inks and memento and stazon inks I use. The part below it was custom made by my hubby.  It holds all the alcohol inks and sprays.  I made the wood tools from wood chunks and wood from stamps.  I used knob that you find in the craft wood section at hobby lobby or the like. glued velcro on and viola.  Got this idea from someone on the web- sorry I don’t remember who.
  18. I have all my punches hanging from curtain rods I bought at walmart. Cafe rods they are called .  I simply mounted peg board on the studs then hung the rods on the peg board.  The shelves below are simply boards that I laid over the long arm peg things.  I need to paint them white, just haven’t gotten around to it.
  19. The border around the top of my office is of photos I have taken and mounted in 8 x 10 cheap frames from walmart. It’s a little busy but I love looking at my memories.

If you are still with me…thanks for looking.  Please comment and ask questions or make suggestions.  I love new ideas. (don’t forget I won’t be able to respond until the 18th)

Wendy and Jazzer