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Morning All.

This weekend I picked up a nifty little tool called QuickStik.  It is designed to pick up small items such a sequins, pearls or gemstones.  The woman at Archivers said she couldn’t live without hers.  I was skeptical.  If it is sticky enough to pick something  up would it leave a residue?  Would it be hard to release it when you got it where you wanted it? I do have a hard time with picking up bling without touching the sticky side. So I decided to give it a try.

Here it is:

It has the sticky end and a pointy end.  The pointy end comes off and has two tips.  There is a pointed tip and a flat tip much like the tip of a flat head screwdriver.  These tips are there so that when you pick up the bling you can use them to release it from the sticky end.  The sticky end has some sticky tape in the tip.  You twist the tip to get more/new tape out.  There is a cap so that the tip isn’t exposed to dust etc.  (It should last for a while before you need to twist it again.  I placed about ten pearls and it is still plenty sticky.)

Sticky end:

Pointy ends: Here is a photo of it picking up a small pearl:I am very impressed so far.  I did have to use the pointy end to loosen the pearl from the packaging but then it picked it up just fine.  I then carried it from one craft table to another and placed it on the card where I wanted it. I simply put it where I wanted it and on almost all the placements, the pearl came off without needing the pointed tip at all.

Overall I was super impressed.  It picked up the pearl, held it securely while I walked from table to table, and then released it with no additional help from me.  I think this tool is well worth the 6.99 I spent on it.  I also like that it is the size of a marker so it take no more room to store than a large pen.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

*** UPDATE 9/24/12 please read comments from others before you buy.  I am still happy with mine, but others haven’t had as much luck.  I appreciate reviews so that we don’t spend our money on junk.  Sorry if I have steered people in the wrong direction with this one. I checked on Amazon just now and they give it 4 stars. There are 13 reviews, 7 -five Stars, 3 four stars, 1 three stars but it did have 2 one stars.***

Thanks for looking